Grade Card

  • Jobs & the Economy

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    "Spirit of Enterprise" award

    National Federation of Independent Business

    "Guardian of Small Business" award
  • Taxes & Spending

    Citizens Against Government Waste

    Consistently named taxpayer hero
  • Liberty

    American Conservative Union

    A+ lifetime rating – “Defender of Liberty"
  • Agriculture

    Endorsed by the Missouri Farm Bureau

    American Farm Bureau

    "Friend of the Farm Bureau" award
  • Seniors

    60-Plus Association

    "Guardian of Seniors’ Rights" award
  • Family

    Family Research Council

    "Friend of the Family" 100% lifetime rating
  • Pro-life

    National Right to Life

    100% rated; Former board member
  • 2nd Amendment

    National Rifle Assoc.

    "A" lifetime rating