Setting the record straight

Some people are willing to twist the truth to further their own ambitions.

This is a dangerous path for those aspiring to be our leaders.

Accusation: "Todd Won't Support Veterans"

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Claire McCaskill has a new television ad suggesting that Todd Akin doesn't care for veterans. This is one of the more absurd attacks that McCaskill has used.

Accusation: "Todd Wants to Get Rid of Medicare & Social Security"

Claire McCaskill has accused Todd Akin of wanting to "get rid of" Medicare and Social Security. Once again, this is simply not true. Instead, Todd Akin is working to preserve and strengthen Medicare and Social Security.

Accusation: "Todd Pays His Female Staff Less Than His Male Staff"

Claire McCaskill has rolled out another false attack against Todd Akin, saying that Todd's female staffers are paid less than his male staffers. This accusation is factually incorrect. According to public documents, in the last quarter, Akin's female staff actually made 20% more per capita than Akin's male staff.

Accusation: "Todd Opposes the Minimum Wage"

Claire McCaskill and her liberal allies are claiming that Todd Akin opposes the minimum wage. As usual, this is a distortion of Todd's position.

Accusation: "Todd Opposes School Lunches"

Claire McCaskill has accused Todd of wanting to get rid of school lunches. This is simply not true.

Accusation: "Todd Voted Against a Sex Offender Registry"

Todd Akin, Roy Blunt and others identified fatal flaws in the way the bill was created, including unfunded mandates, which would prevent the bill from becoming law. The bill never became law, and a few months later the sponsor of the original bill introduced a new and improved version, the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. Todd supported this new, improved bill and it passed the House unanimously.

Accusation: "Todd Will Ban Contraceptives"

One of the more ridiculous accusations against Todd is that he opposes contraceptives. This is simply not true.

Accusation: "Todd Voted Against Veterans"

This is yet another example of McCaskill trying to distort and twist the facts. Todd is the son of an Army officer who served in World War II under General Patton, Todd was an Army officer himself, and Todd has three sons who are Marines and a daughter-in-law who was in the Navy. Todd is personally invested in our military and has dedicated much of his career to working to ensure that we have the best possible military, and taking care of veterans when they return.