Accusation: "Todd Opposes School Lunches"

Claire McCaskill has accused Todd of wanting to get rid of school lunches. This is simply not true.

What Todd said is that he’s not sure school lunches should be a federal program, run by bureaucrats in Washington. School lunches could be run at the state or local level so that Missourians can decide on what kind of food school kids eat, rather than faceless bureaucrats in Washington. Claire McCaskill and her liberal allies seem to think that if it’s not a big government, Washington-run program, it can’t possibly be a good thing. Todd believes that Missouri can generally run things better than Washington can. Todd's exact quote: "I am not against school lunches, but I have a question of whether or not the federal government should be doing many things it is doing, and that would be one I would take a look at."

Claire McCaskill thinks big government is the solution to all our problems. Todd simply doesn't have that much faith in big government.