Accusation: "Todd Pays His Female Staff Less Than His Male Staff"

Claire McCaskill has rolled out another false attack against Todd Akin, saying that Todd's female staffers are paid less than his male staffers. This accusation is factually incorrect.

According to public documents, in the last quarter, Akin's female staff actually made 20% more per capita than Akin's male staff. In addition, Akin's chief of staff, Lauren Ellis, is a woman who started at an entry-level position in Akin's office and worked her way to the top. Ellis is a St. Louis native who is one of the best staffers on Capitol Hill.

"This is a false accusation to once again distract the voter from Claire's liberal voting record of higher taxes, increased debt and personal enrichment," said Ryan Hite, spokesman for the campaign. "Claire McCaskill wants to talk about anything but her failed big government record which has only resulted in fewer jobs and more debt. The important facts in this election are that Claire McCaskill has voted with Barack Obama 98% of the time, she was the deciding vote in favor of Obamacare, and she has voted to raise our national debt by almost 75% in just six years. McCaskill is simply too liberal for Missouri."