Accusation: "Todd Wants to Get Rid of Medicare & Social Security"

Claire McCaskill has accused Todd Akin of wanting to "get rid of" Medicare and Social Security. Once again, this is simply not true. Instead, Todd Akin is working to preserve and strengthen Medicare and Social Security.

Todd Akin has two key principles when it comes to Social Security and Medicare:

1. Protect Medicare and Social Security for people currently receiving benefits or who will soon receive benefits,

2. Strengthen Medicare and Social Security for future generations.

Todd Akin does not want to "get rid of" either program. Instead, Akin has consistently worked to protect Medicare and Social Security for those currently receiving benefits, while making common sense reforms to both programs to ensure that future recipients receive benefits as well. Both political parties agree that the math simply doesn't work, and that we need to fix Medicare and Social Security before they break. Unfortunately, the Democrats have decided that they won't propose solutions, but will only attack anyone who puts common sense reforms forward. Todd Akin has worked with others in Congress to propose common sense reforms to these programs to protect current recipients and strengthen the programs for future generations.

The truth is that Claire McCaskill actually voted to cut $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. McCaskill also voted for a 15% cut to Social Security funding. These actions by Claire McCaskill only weaken both of these programs.