Strong as Steel

"These two new ads should help remind Missouri voters about who Todd Akin really is and how he has stood up for Missouri common sense," said Ryan Hite, campaign spokesman. "Todd Akin has been endorsed by the Missouri Farm Bureau, the NRA, and the NFIB. Todd has a record of voting against big government intrusions, most importantly by voting against Obamacare. While Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama have made our economy worse, Todd Akin will get Missouri working again which will strengthen our communities and our families."

Strong as Steel Transcript:
Huckabee: I know a good man with a Christian heart who's withstood a test of fire and emerged from the flame as strong as steel. His name is Todd Akin. Todd Akin is a courageous conservative who can't be bought. He defends traditional marriage and the sanctity of life. He'll stop Washington politicians from looting the treasury and bankrupting America. And Todd Akin will vote to repeal Obamacare. The courage to lead--that's Todd Akin.
Akin: I'm Todd Akin and I approved this message.

Todd Akin has been endorsed by the Missouri Farm Bureau, the National Rifle Association, Missouri Right to Life, and NFIB (the largest small business association in America).