Veterans for Akin Ad Released

St. Louis, MO: Today the Akin Campaign released a new ad highlighting veterans who support Todd Akin.

"It's really pretty stunning that Claire McCaskill would question Todd Akin's support for the military while Todd's own son is deployed with the Marine Corps," said Rick Tyler, senior adviser to the campaign. "Todd's father served under General Patton in World War II. Todd was in the Army and has a daughter-in-law who served in the Navy and three sons who have served in the Marine Corps including deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once again, McCaskill is putting her political agenda ahead of facts and reality. Todd Akin has skin in the game and will always stand up for our veterans. These two stories are only a few examples of how Todd Akin has stood up for our veterans."


Todd Akin - Serving our wounded veterans

Tim: He's the one that got the V.A. to send me to the Mayo Clinic. If it weren't for him, I'd be dead. My name is Tim Wymore, retired tech sergeant out of the Air Force. I was in Iraq in 04-05, came home sick with a disease. My wife had to feed me, she had to bathe me, she had to give me my medicine, I couldn't even move. I mean I was in bad, bad shape.

Darren: It means everything to me. I can't explain in words what it means for someone to step up and say hey you know I'm going to fight for you because you fought for us. He has put his name on the line to help veterans.

Tim: He is the reason I'm living. I mean it's living proof--I am living proof that he does fight for veterans and I'm voting for Todd Akin and every other veteran should vote for Todd Akin too.

Todd: I'm Todd Akin and I approved this message.