Accusation: "Todd Won't Support Veterans"

Claire McCaskill has a new television ad suggesting that Todd Akin doesn't care for veterans. This is one of the more absurd attacks that McCaskill has used.

Todd Akin served as an engineer in the U.S. Army. Todd's father served in World War II under General Patton. Todd has three sons who have served in the Marine Corps who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two of his sons are still in the Marine Corps and one of them is currently deployed. (Read a letter from Todd's son Perry, a veteran of the Iraq war.)

Todd's family is full of veterans, and the accusation that Todd would not care for veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan is absurd. As a congressman, Todd has spent much of his time working to ensure that our military has everything they need to fight and win, as well as the best possible care when they return. Todd has also been instrumental in caring for veterans who have been affected by burn pits used in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has forced the V.A. to provide proper care for veterans in St. Louis who were not cared for and has introduced legislation, which is now pending in the Senate, which would ensure better care for those impacted by burn pits.

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